Workshops were held on the 6th of October 2018, as part of a ‘Bilingual Port-of-Call’ for Polish teachers in Scotland and conducted by: Lucyna Bzowska, a methodologist in primary school education and active teaching methods at the Teacher Training Center of the Polish Community Association and by Magda Dębowska, a teacher of Polish as a foreign language in Polish schools in Madrid who is also a methodological advisor to a Local Methodological Centre in Spain; she also has two bilingual sons. The event was organized by the Teacher Training Centre of the ‘Polish Community Association; the coordinator being ECP-Education Centre.  The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Education as part of their remit in: ‘Organising summer camps and other forms of summer recreation for children and adolescents as well as the professional development of teachers abroad who teach the Polish language, history, geography, culture and any other subjects that are taught in Polish’.