Further workshops took place on the 29th and 30th of August in Edinburgh entitled ‘Parents – a support or an obstacle; how to build relationships and resolve conflicts?’ These were directed by Slawomir Prusakowski, an ODNSWP expert, psychologist, trainer and educator. The participants thereby improved their skills in the following areas: diagnosing the potential and personal competences of a Polish diaspora (Polonia) teacher when working with parents, ways of building relationships with the parents of Polish children, (through using systems of reward, competing interests and adopting the ‘me’ form of address), being capable of setting limits and in using the ‘Circle of Conflicts’ tool.  This project was financed by the Ministry of Education as part of their remit in: ‘Educational support for the Polish diaspora by enhancing the professional development of teachers and organising summer camps and other forms of summer recreation for children and adolescents’.