Methodological workshops took place on the 6th and 7th of December in 2014 for teachers from the Polish community abroad under the slogan ‘How to develop a Polish school – contemporary challenges’. The classes were held by Zdzislaw Hofman, a psychological and pedagogical competence trainer as well as teacher, socio-therapist, tutor and professional development coach. Participants were taught to develop skills in the following areas: group leadership, involvement in school activities and providing feedback, the latter being concerned with providing effective support to both the children and parents. Methods were also refined to develop appropriate Polish school environments and in creating a favourable image of a good school through offering attractive lessons, ensuring pupil wellbeing, and having good working relations with parents. This included ways of motivating parents to actively take part in the life of a Polish school. They together found solutions by which means a Polish community school could become a centre of Polish ideas, culture and remembrance.

This project was financed by the Ministry of Education as part of their remit in: ‘Organising the professional development of teachers abroad who teach the Polish language, history, geography, culture and any other subjects that are taught in Polish’.